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CNC Routing Townsville

CNC Routing Townville

A CNC router is a machine that can create incredibly consistent and precise carvings and shapes on hard materials such as timber and MDF board. Gone are the days of routing by hand, the CNC router has technical tool paths created by computer numerical control. We can use our flatbed router to cut out any shape for timber kitchen benchtops, timber cabinet doors or any other shapes you require for your project. Get in touch with Magnetic Furniture today and take advantage of our CNC routing Townsville.

We offer CNC routing and cutting services in Townsville and across North Queensland.

CNC Router Townsville

There are many reasons why a CNC router is the perfect choice for cutting and shaping your timber or other products. CNC timber cutting is incredibly precise and can repeat identical production. Our flatbed router can complete wood engravings and mark carvings of flat pallets in minutes to your specifications. Using CNC cutting services means you reduce waste and save time. You'll also always get consistent and high-quality work every time you use our CNC cutting services. The CNC router can do it all completing joinery cuts, holes for shelving pins, pilots for mounting screws and timber engraving. Talk to the team today to discuss what our CNC router can do for your project.

Why use our CNC timber cutting services for your project?

Get custom timber work done today.
CNC Router Townsville

Get in touch with the team today to discuss the specifications of your CNC timber cutting project. We can create timber engraving and cutting to your specifications for timber benchtops, timber cabinet doors and much more. Contact us now by calling or filling out our online forms.

Contact Us today for CNC routing Townsville.

We service Townsville and greater North Queensland and Northern Territory regions inlcuding include Cairns, Atherton Tablelands, Innisfail, Ingham, Townsville, Mackay, Rockhampton, Mt. Isa, Darwin and Katherine. Get in touch with us to discuss the specifications of your wooding engraving or CNC routing project.

We provide CNC routing Townsville and across North Queensland.

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